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The Community Site is designed as a gateway for information and knowledge sharing between clients, users and partners. As a standard setting it comprises fora on

  • Decision Support Framework (DSF) Modelling Toolbox
  • operation and maintenance of the Mekong HYCOS system (Hydro-Met Helpdesk)
  • Transboundary Water Resource Management (TWRM)
It is anticipated that the number of fora available on the Community Site will grow in the future. Other topics may be set up upon request from the user community. Besides the fora themselves other information related to the specific topics, such as news and events or available reports on the topics, can be retrieved from here.


In particular, the Community Site forum on Transboundary Water Resource Management as part of the Asia-Pacific Water Forum (APWF) network of regional water knowledge hubs is anticipated to grow to an extensive network beyond the boundaries of the Lower Mekong Basin in the future. Here clients, users and experts from the Lower Mekong Basin, the Asia-Pacific and from other parts of the world are envisioned to exchange on relevant subjects from the field.


The Asia-Pacific Water Forum was created in 2006 and is dedicated to improving sustainable water management by championing best practices, boosting investments, building capacity, and enhancing cooperation throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Each participating hub represents a center of excellence committed to improving water security in the Asia-Pacific region by promoting knowledge sharing and championing feasible solutions for its priority water topic. The Mekong River Commission joint the APWF in 2010 on Transboundary Water Resource Management.

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Pursuit of Economic Wealth Effecting Health in Mekong Sub-Region

CHIANG RAI – In the Lower Mekong Sub-Region, changing patterns and intensity of work, li...

Dam diplomacy on the Mekong

The charade over whether to proceed with the Don Sahong Dam, the second Mekong mainstream hydr...

Thailand to host Lower Mekong Regional Working Group meeting

BANGKOK, 16 January 2015 (NNT) – The Lower Mekong Initiative Regional Working Group Meet...

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